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Record number of homes still on the market...

Last month, almost 5,000 new listings came on the market, leaving us with over 18,500 homes currently on the market!!! If you're trying to sell, price it right from the beginning, and see the tips I have below for increasing curb appeal! Sellers, good luck in this ever tough market, and if you stage your home properly, and make it more appealing than the competition, you'll see a closing soon!


Foreclosures STILL on the rise....

1 out of every 45 households in Ohio will go into foreclosure this year! These statistics are startling, but as I'm sure you've heard, things are going to progressively get worse before they get better!


New ways to improve your credit!

I just went to a seminar yesterday and learned some great new tips on how to raise your credit score! First of all, pay your accounts down to below 30% of the available balance, if not completely off. Don't close accounts even after they've been paid off. Did you know that any derogatory things on your credit report are able to come off after 7 years? If there are derogatory items on your report, write a letter to the credit bureaus asking that they be removed! Pay whatever costs are involved to get unlimited access to your credit report AND credit scores. Monitor your credit closely, and small changed like these can make a big difference in your scores, allowing you to qualify to borrow more money with less money down! Happy credit score raising!!!