National average on return of investments

I don't know how accurate these figures are (locally), but should at least give you an idea as to which projects typically help increase the value of your home! Spending money to update/improve kitchens & baths will generally offer the best return on dollars spent.


Market Trends

Well, the good news is that some homes that have been on the market for months (or even years) are beginning to sell. The bad news is there are 200+ new listings in the central Ohio area each week! That means even more competition than ever, so if you're looking to sell, your home must be in the best possible showing condition. It's not impossible in all areas to sell right now, but obviously some areas have been affected worse than others!



2008 Home Improvement Challenge

It's here! The 2008 Home Improvement Challenge sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens. Categories include:
  • additions
  • bath
  • decorating
  • exterior face-lifts
  • green improvements
  • kitchen
  • outdoor improvements
  • projects less than $5,000
  • renovation

Visit www.bhg.com/challenge for more information! Entries are accepted through 1/31.