Selling a home in this market....

Over the past few weeks, it's become ever more evident than ever that the homes on the market that are in great, updated, move-in condition are the ones that are still selling (at least in some areas), and quickly at that! "Good" condition isn't cutting it in this day and age, (one of the best buyer's markets ever seen)! Most buyers these days are very picky (and rightfully so) and are willing to spend an extra $20K to get a home that's ready for them to move right into! If you're concerned as to whether or not your home falls into this category, contact me, or a local stager to make sure your home shows the best that it possibly can! All the little things really do make a difference in this market (dusty light fixtures, cobwebs in corners, dirty/sticky kitchen counters, etc.). With a little money out of pocket, some extra elbow grease and attention to detail, your home can be one of these homes!

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