Local housing market vs. National housing market

Just a little rant about something's that been bothering me for some time now! Why, oh why, does the majority of our local media give the national housing market so much attention, with very little focus on our local housing market? Yes, the national housing market is, and should be, of interest to many, but I think that you'd also like to know what's going on in your area of Columbus, maybe even more so, right? There are many local resources these media outlets could be utilizing to gain insight to our local market, including CBR (the Columbus Board of Realtors), and local industry professionals, such as myself, yet it seems like most of what you hear is the doom & gloom of the national housing market. I've seen first hand that our market isn't all bad here in Columbus and the surrounding areas. Yes, there are some areas that are still reporting decreasing property values, but on the flip side, some areas are showing increasing property values, and homes (taking into consideration price, location & condition) can and are, still selling, sometimes in under 30 days. I think the $8,000 tax credit currently offered may be partially responsible for this, and perhaps made some buyers seek out housing, when they may have previously planned on waiting another year or so before purchasing.

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