Sellers updating?

Ok, so I've recently had a few different sellers tell me they never understood why people who were getting ready to sell their home fixed it up only to move out, and not get to enjoy the updates. I get that, but on the flip side, it makes sense. When comparing properties with buyers, a home that has been updated and is in near move in condition is worth an extra couple thousand dollars (which equates to just $20 - $30 more a month), and will almost always win out, unless the buyer is looking for a "fixer upper", in which case they would expect to purchase the property for substantially less. Sellers, just a little something to think about! It really does make sense, if you look at it as a buyer.

It's sometimes difficult to persuade buyers and sellers to put on the opposite hat, but when they do/can, it's like an "aha" moment!

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